40 plus dating india


After all, what is the point of getting married without a workable relationship?

Yet all the single women I am met in the UK post 35 appeared to be doing just the opposite.

And these women seem to be becoming more desperate than ever.

I met one very attractive single never married attractive 45-year-old woman in the UK.

In my view regardless of your age, you cannot start every relationship thinking: it has to be serious; he has to be ‘the one’.

There is nothing that makes a man run faster than the M word, followed by the C (child) word.


She was telling me how she was doing online dating but unless the man declared he was serious at the first meeting, she wouldn’t take it further.

How can a man know if he wants to take it further unless he gets to know the woman?

They appeared worryingly desperate and wanted to force every relationship in to into marriage, putting their name to their prospective partner’s surname in their imagination on Date One.

You see in the UK if you don’t meet a partner in a bar, nightclub, at work or at an evening class, or in the supermarket with your shopping trolley in your late 20s (as you are supposed to), then you are left on your own, with no real help from friends or family.

While I was in the UK recently I came across a worrying genre of woman: the desperate woman in her 30s and 40s – the new Bridget Jones (BJ) – who has not yet met her soul mate.

Unlike in the actual film, when BJ was 33, the western BJ is now aged anywhere between 36 and 45. I have not come across this genre of woman in Mumbai: here single Indian women either resign themselves to singledom at 32/29 (When is the cut off point when they are “officially on the shelf” in India), or they get married. (There is, of course, the brigade of 40-something wealthy Indian female divorcees in Mumbai who party a lot; yet they display no desire to marry though.) On the contrary, in western countries where there is no arranged marriage system, despite the invention of online dating and speed dating, women in their 30s and 40s are, it seems, finding it more difficult than ever to find a husband.



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